Sunshine Pride


Annapoorna Developers presents its new residential project at Moodubelle, Udupi – Sunshine Pride. Located beside Corporation Bank, Kattingeri Branch, Sunshine Pride consists of premium flats at economy rates. Sunshine Pride has been designed as the perfect place for modern living in comfortable, 2-BHK and 1-BHK residential apartments and commercial space. They combine quality and value with attention to detail and contemporary design. All amenities and facilities are provided to match your requirements for a cosy lifestyle. It is located just 2km from the heart of Moodubelle at Naalkubeedi – a major junction connecting Udupi, Karkala, Shirva and Bantakal. It is on the new Aathradi – Mangalore International Airport Highway. Sunshine Residency is very close to essential infrastructure like schools, colleges, bus-stand, hospitals, auto-stand and worshiping places.

We believe in good quality and have put this in practice by giving you the best quality at very affordable prices by combining economy and quality with simple, aesthetic design.


General Specifications

  • RCC Framed structure as per IS:456
  • Laterite masonry for outer walls and solid blocks for partition walls
  • Attractive entrance lobby for each block
  • RAK Premium Vitrified tiles flooring for entire flat
  • Hindware Sanitary fittings
  • Teak / Rosewood finish Main Door
  • Marble / Granite / Vitrified Tiles flooring for common areas
  • Color Anodized aluminum sliding windows
  • ISI branded electrical switches with high quality cables
  • Telephone point in Living room
  • All walls plastered with cement mortar and finished with Asian Paints acrylic emulsion paint, over 2 coats of wall putty

Residential Amenities

  • Covered car parking in basement floor
  • 24 hours water supply through bore well
  • 8 passenger Automatic KONE lift with standby generator
  • 24 hours generator backup for all common lighting & general purpose lighting for all flats
  • Spacious balcony for all apartments
  • Flats designed as per Vaastu

Floor Plans


Flat Details

Ground Floor
Flat No. Type Sq. ft
Flat 001 1 BHK 675 Sq. ft
Flat 002 1 BHK 615 Sq. ft
Flat 003 2 BHK 1040 Sq. ft
Flat 004 2 BHK 1070 Sq. ft
Shop No. Sq. ft
Shop 1 335 Sq. ft
Shop 2 335 Sq. ft
Shop 3 320 Sq. ft
Shop 4 415 Sq. ft
Shop 5 320 Sq. ft
Shop 6 360 Sq. ft

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Demo Flat

DSC_0813 copy

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Our photo gallery of Sunshine Pride

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Under Constructions Photos

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